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The First Bio-Inhibitive 100% Cotton

Argaman is excited to collaborate with Carrefour Poland and Saatchi& Saatchi
on the uniform that cares, made from our groundbreaking cottonX


New Generation of Cotton

Introducing CottonX™
Argaman Technologies is proud to present the first and only patented cotton fiber treatment technology to enhance cotton in ways never before imagined. First on our list of enhancements is a singular method for transforming cotton fibers into bio-inhibitive, self-sterilizing fibers while keeping their natural and unique attributes – CottonX™.

How Does it Work?

Using the energy of sound in the form of ultrasonic sound waves, we blast our compounds into cotton fibers so they will be permanent and will not wash or abrade out.

100% Cotton - Unprecedented Performance
CottonX™ fibers offer unprecedented performance while maintaining the superior characteristics of natural cotton. With a single step process that uses no chemical binders and no coatings, we have created a new generation of 100% “smart” cotton fabrics.

Bio-Inhibitive CottonX™ - Beats Sythetics!
From a bio-inhibitive perspective, cotton is king. Metal oxides in polymers such as polyester and polypropylene are only effective when on the polymer. In cotton, on the other hand, all metal oxide particles are exposed to moisture, thereby triggering increased ionic release. Our cavitation process allows for the maximum ionic release possible per fiber. The result: biological efficacy combined with the natural comfort of cotton.

CottonX™ is perfect for home textiles including hand and face towels, bed sheets and pillowcases, promising ultimate comfort in a healthy bacteria - and virus-free environment.
We believe that quality of life and quality of the environment go hand in hand. Therefore, our production processes are clean and green, with full recycling of our materials.
Our bio-inhibitive technology is EPA approved

Test Results

CottonX™ Bio-Inhibitive Performance Test Results

CottonX™ Bio-Inhibitive Performance Test Results

The experiment presented in this graph was aimed to measure the bio-inhibitive quality of CottonX™ before and after washing. The test was performed at 0 washings and then again after 30 industrial washings following AATCC100 test method. The results demonstrate an immediate reduction of the bio-burden at time zero and the same reduction after 30 industrial washings. As can be seen, the results after 30 industrial washings demonstrate no change in the ability of the CottonX™ fabrics to kill bacteria.

“Untreated” & “Treated” Cotton Fiber Samples

“Untreated” & “Treated” Cotton Fiber Samples

Cotton fibers were all inoculated with a 6 hour bacterial starter, followed by ~20 hour incubation at 37°.
As can be seen, while the “Untreated” samples show significant bacterial growth, the “Treated” samples show virtually no bacterial growth.