About Us


Argaman Technologies Ltd.

Reinventing Cotton, Empowering Polymers

Argaman rethinks, engineers and produces cutting-edge fiber and textile technologies aimed to improve everyday life - from medical and military fields to cosmetics and home goods.

True Innovation
Argaman was founded and led by Jeff Gabbay, world renowned inventor in the field of technical textiles. With over 30 patents and dozens of products using his technologies in leading militaries, hospitals and cosmetic products, Jeff has integrated innovation in textiles for over 30 years. Argaman continues to innovate even the most traditional textiles, such as cotton-based fabrics, giving them unique attributes that are “game changers” in the industry with impact on a wide range of fields.

In-House Production
Argaman develops, manufactures and offers its technology in a wide variety of forms including fibers, yarns, fabrics, non-woven materials and films. At Argaman, we design, engineer, develop and build all of our own machinery in-house to assure maximum quality control. We offer our customers advanced technological solutions at all stages - from fiber to end-product.

Better Health
Argaman is spearheading the global effort to reduce hospital-acquired infections by participating in major trials being conducted at leading hospitals worldwide.

We offer hypoallergenic solutions for beddings and apparel using our accelerated Bio-Block™ technology in synthetic blends. We will soon offer the world’s first all cotton self-sterilizing fabric.

Performance Fabrics
Moving beyond the standards for active wear and performance fabrics, Argaman has taken wicking and moisture management technologies a big step forward with its CoreBody™ patent-pending technology. The technology uses three different polymers to maximize the drying and cooling effect and offers optimum results compared to wicking textiles in the market.